Triple Xtension

‘Eco-friendly’ - say what?

Holly Garforth


This ‘buzzword’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean?

Or more to the point what does it mean for Triple Xtension?

Well it’s as straight forward as ‘not harmful to the environment.’

To keep profits healthy, so many companies opt for the CHEAPER yet DETRIMENTAL alternatives.

Whether this is the way their products are manufactured (harmful chemicals/heavy resource use), are single-use (wasteful), wrapped in plastic (urgh) or can’t be recycled (hard not to be these days) they all have such a harmful impact on the environment.

we don’t do any of this 

If you’re still reading and interested then you’re a mint human being, good for you - keep going.

So how is Triple Xtension eco?

Well we take a lot of time and effort, research and financial investment to keep things responsible.

This is what WE ARE about - making smart choices for the brand, our customers and through ‘knock-on effect’ the environment (that lovely little world we’re lucky to live in).


•We source our clothing from manufacturers with the SAME values as us.

They treat employees well, use organic materials & produce them without harmful chemicals or byproducts.

(factories even use solar/wind power to fuel machines) 


*We print our OWN clothing.

This means we have FULL control over quality, the types of inks, chemicals or processes used.


*All our packaging (with very rare exceptions) is recycled or recyclable, made in the UK (go Britain), biodegradable and eco friendly.

No bleached paper (white is so fucking last year- we’re all about the Kraft baby), Zero sellotape or unnecessary plastic poly bags.

Just simple, honest & effective packaging.


* Even our order inserts/notes are eco, we print them ourselves using soy inks that are cold cured (no heat less energy used).



Happy ‘eco’ Sunday People ♻️